At the present state of the research, there is no news of gelato Stracciatella that preceded the 1960s, neither in Italy nor abroad. The Stracciatella recipe is dated 1961, located in Bergamo and signed by Enrico Panattoni.

Enrico Panattoni, born in Tuscany in Altopascio in 1927, emigrates in the forties with his wife Oriana in Bergamo. Passionate about cooking and pastry, after opening a small shop in the Bergamo “Borgo Vecchio”, takes over the “La Marianna”, Bergamo upper town area “Colle Aperto”, and begins to produce gelato in his shop.

One of its specialties is the Fiordilatte (ancient name for milk cream) that will be the kick-start that will boost its creativity. In 1961, the experiment that will result in the creation of Enrico Panattoni’s masterpiece.

During the process of making Fiordilatte, he pours a dose of hot chocolate (which will be later well-balanced), the shaking of the blades of the gelato machine, “shred” the chocolate while it solidifies. The result is similar to that of a whole egg whipped into hot soup, widely appreciated back then, and known as Stracciatella alla Romana. For this reason, Enrico Panattoni named the new gelato flavour that he created Stracciatella.

The name Stracciatella has ancient Roman gastronomic origins, also reported by Pellegrino Artusi in his work “Science in the kitchen and the art of eating well” and refers to the tattered appearance that results from the mixing of ingredients of different temperature.

Over the years, the Stracciatella denomination for the Roman soup came out of common use in favour of Stracciatella as gelato flavour made of Fiordilatte and chocolate shards, which spread not only in Italy, but all over the world. In the same years, in Venice, Cipriani invented dishes such as Carpaccio or cocktails such as Bellini, international renown names, like Stracciatella. The era of copyright had yet to begin, so these names and recipes spread freely, with the inevitable variations, often far from the original quality and genuineness.

Today LA STRACCIATELLA IL GELATO DI BERGAMO recovers and promotes this flavour created by Enrico Panattoni in Bergamo in 1961, with the aim of enhancing a product and the gelato supply-chain strongly linked to the territory, that can guarantee superior food quality.