La Stracciatella


“La Stracciatella il gelato di Bergamo” is a project for the enhancement of the gelato supply chain and industry. By recovering and relaunching a heritage of knowledge, kindly shared with the whole city of Bergamo by the Panattoni family, this project aims to bring awareness of the origins of the Stracciatella excellence, among the inhabitants of the city of Bergamo and the world.

Gelato is one of the excellences of the Made in Italy that is globally renowned and appreciated. A special contribution to the history of gelato was given by the city of Bergamo, where the Stracciatella gelato was invented. This project intends to restore the value of this specialty through the launch of an actual brand, the development of new communications tool and the launch of a widespread campaign. It will become a driver for future business and development opportunities for both the city and province of Bergamo.

The genesis

“La Stracciatella il gelato di Bergamo” is the evolution of Expogelato 2015, a project supported by Expo Milano 2015 and of the Expogelato at Gelatissimo 2016 fair.  “La Stracciatella il gelato di Bergamo” involves the gelato artisans of Bergamo belonging to the association Ascom Bergamo, the Panattoni family, the Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo and the companies of Bergamo’s artisanal gelato supply chain.

This initiative fits into a larger project, East Lombardy – European Region of Gastronomy 2017, dedicated to the promotion of the Eastern Lombardy region, that saw Bergamo as the core of this programs.

The objectives

Bring awareness

to the role of Bergamo in the creation of Stracciatella, transforming it into a brand of the territory


how Stracciatella belongs to Bergamo and turn it into an opportunity for tourist attraction


The industry operators so that they can take fully advantage of the market potential, based on the interest generates by a typical product, Made in Bergamo


Other industries and supply chains, starting from the excellencies of the territory

The activities

The brand

The process of enhancement of La Stracciatella il gelato di Bergamo begins with the creation of an actual brand.

Three words, immediate and substantial, are the foundation of the brand, currently undergoing registration: gelato, Stracciatella, Bergamo. The naming is their simple combination: La Stracciatella il gelato d Bergamo.

The logo design is dominated by immediacy and simplicity: clean elements of dark colour, just like chocolate shards on the white background of the Fiordilatte, supported by a cone, that with its positive connotation evokes the joy of gelato, a healthy and tasty food.

Its diffusion

La Stracciatella il gelato di Bergamo is not only a brand, but also a series of initiatives of dissemination and valorisation of this artisanal gelato.

A conference

Held on september the 25th 2017 to present to the gelato parlours, the public and the media the new local brand La Stracciatella il gelato di Bergamo, the initiatives, the tools for the promotion of this food resource as attraction for the territory

A production specification

written by the Expogelato Scientific Committee, a guideline for all gelato parlours participating in the initiative that will guarantee that Stracciatella will be called La Stracciatella il gelato di Bergamo.

A promotional kit

(brand, stickers, posters, postcards and totems) at the disposal of the participating gelato parlours that will explain the public the history of the gelato flavour and will make these parlours recognizable as the real parlours of La Stracciatella il gelato di Bergamo.

A gelato-party

in addition to the diffusion among the gelato parlours, brand and history of La Stracciatella il gelato di Bergamo will be promoted by stracciaTelling, a series of promotion initiatives, a public event in Old Town in May 2018, an online and offline promotional campaigns.