In Bergamo you can find a complete supply chain of the traditional gelato which represents a uniqueness of excellence and production quality.

All the players contribute to make the traditional Italian gelato a product more and more known and appreciated all over the world, thanks to the technology and innovations linked with the Italian passion for the care and the good food.
ExpoGelato is a supply chain of Italian gelato which offers all the elements for setting up a “made in Italy” gelato parlour.
Since 2015 ExpoGelato has promoted opportunities for a nutritional consciousness and for esteeming a genetically Italian and artisanal product, symbol of a production chain which involves all food fields: tradition, agriculture. Technology, design, packaging, marketing.



The supply chain fields:


The gelato ingredients are genuine, full of freshness according to natural seasons.



The Italian gelato is a mix of artisanal know-how and technology of the machines, which are continuously up to date to obtain a better product.


Cones are the natural element of support for the Italian gelato, they are delicious, crunchy and can be produced with different varieties. Containers are studied to guarantee steadiness, storage and reshness of the Italian gelato. Moulds are projected according to current trends: multi-coloured or classical.


Shop windows have a modern and charming design. They are projected to guarantee the best performances and a high energy efficiency.