Expogelato 2015

Expogelato 2015

Chiostro Santa Marta Bergamo

Bergamo ExpoGelato 2015, “an eye-licking gelato”, is the food-event sponsored by ExpoGelato 2015 in downtown Bergamo, a show/experience to get to know/make/eat artisanal gelato, a historically, typically and genuinely Italian product.

Bergamo ExpoGelato 2015 is an opportunity for nutritional awareness, a tribute to a genetically Italian product that is artisanal, regional, showcase of an entire supply chain involving all sectors of food industry, tradition, agriculture, technology, design, packaging, marketing.

An event organized by: Camera di Commercio Bergamo, Associazione Marketing +39 with support of the Banca Popolare di Bergamo and Comitato Gelatieri, with the partnership of UniBg, Sigep and Comune di Bergamo.



Getting to Know
The Gallery, the Cloister of Santa Marta

ExpoGelato shows the artisanal gelato supply chain, one of the excellences of Made in Italy that is recognized and appreciated worldwide, of which Bergamo represents a unique synthesis.

Inside the Gallery, the Bergamo supply chain narrates the human, historical and economical value expressed by the entire process, from the selection of raw ingredients to the final consumption. Pride of the territory but also growing sector, that exports its own model abroad.

Gelato is not only an excellence of present times. Its history has been going on for more than three millennia, during which real technical and consumption revolutions have alternated. Inside the Gallery, the most significant milestones of this journey between history and literature, inspired by gelato, are retraced.

The Lab, S.Marta gallery-via Crispi corner

Artisanal gelato is a culture to be experienced both with view and taste.

The Lab is the place where you can experience gelato in every way. Located between the Gallery of Santa Marta and via Crispi, the Lab is home of a live cooking gelato shop, an area dedicated to the events of the exhibition, to the machineries helping the artisans to make gelato and, above all, to the chance of tasting it.

The Living, Piazza Matteotti – Sentierone/via Crispi

ExpoGelato has dedicated a passing urban space to an agora where people can sit and enjoy their gelato. The city is a place to be lived and shared in a smart way – a concept that is a perfect metaphor for gelato.

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